Current Projects

Selected Past Engagement

Barclay Butera Interiors |
Concluded a long-term business development and marketing engagement with Barclay Butera Interiors.  I am grateful for the experience of working with passionate and creative individuals.

My Ah Ha moment came when I realized I did not have to pick one area of interest. I have many talents, and I am who I am from the total of my experiences. Every person is creative in one way or another. Expression takes on many forms in a lifetime. Enjoy the ride." -K -


It is my pleasure to serve organizations that are charged with social responsibly. The work and time commitment the staff and volunteers offer within these groups is imperative to the growth of our communities.

Ms. Fallucca is a charismatic, multi-disciplined executive with over ten years of expertise in the areas of business development, marketing, and brand management. After working with C-level and senior executives, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations spanning diverse industries; Kelly developed a passion for breaking away from mainstream marketing. Her focus as an independent consultant and artist is anything but conventional. She enjoys working with people to tell the best story they can tell.

She states, "in today's ever-changing professional environment, it is important to be fluid and view projects from multiple perspectives, both creatively and analytically. In doing so, I found fresh new ways to develop campaigns, programs and brand awareness for the clients and organizations I serve."

Kelly has traveled extensively throughout U.S., Europe, and Canada as a marketer, trainer, and development director changing the way people think about their brands. Today she enjoys projects that are both challenging and unique.
Her passions include mentoring, supporting Military Veterans, travel, outdoor adventures, acrylic painting, photography, and writing. In April of 2011, she was nominated for the Orange County Business Journal's Women in Business Awards and participates in several industry associations

Air Force National Guard |

Personal branding projects for individuals of the Air Force National Guard Security Forces. Translating military experience into civilian skills.

Social Responsibility