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"I am very pleased to welcome Kelly to the team," said Barclay Butera, founder, and CEO of Barclay Butera Interiors. "She brings advanced business development skills, a forward-looking approach, and an agile decision-making competency that we need to continue the exponential growth our company is fortunate to be experiencing in this current economy.

- Barclay Butera

Kelly A. Fallucca

 I enjoy new challenges and believe my sales and marketing skills are transferable to most projects within various industries. What is more important to me  is working with like-minded people on purposeful ventures. Following is a selected list of capabilities:


Account Management and Planning

Advanced Negotiation

Sales and Motivational Training

Forecast and Planning

Sales Training and Management

Client Presentations

Detailed Proposal Documents

Networking and Relationship Management



Marketing | Communications |

Brand Management

Brand Management

Traditional Marketing

Digital Marketing

Social Media Conceptualization

Strategic Content Collaboration

Art Direction

Project Management

Event Production and Management