Selected Acrylic Paintings

Kelly A. Fallucca

My Art Q & A
How long have you been painting?

Officially since 2012; however I have been creating since a young girl, it just took me until the year 2012 to reclaim my artistic expression. I believe we are all creators regardless of education or age.
Why did you start your artistic journey with painting?

In 2012, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. That experience took me to a dark place within myself where I felt like I couldn't do anything anymore. One day, while I was feeling sorry for myself, a magnificent friend and mentor of mine challenged me to try the things I feared. The next day I went out and bought a canvas and paint. It was a liberating experience for me. Painting allowed me to get all my emotions out on the canvas. It was, and still is today, a yin-yang experience for me. Incredibly frustrating when I can't see the full vision of a piece, and at the same time, elation when I complete something that speaks to me.
What art mediums do you like to use?

I love acrylic paints. Most of my work is taking bold colors and creating dense, daring textures with a palette knife. From there, I adventured into landscapes and nature. Today, I try everything. I have also included writing and photography to my body of work. The more I try new things, the more I realize how truly creative beings we all are and I don't want to pigeonhole myself into a medium or style.

Why do you sign your work Kstar?

I sign my work by the nickname my family gave me, Kstar. It became an alter ego of sorts; I don't judge Kstar as much as I do Kelly. In retrospect, I believe my cancer manifested in part because I wasn't speaking my personal truth in many areas of my life. A tough lesson many of us have to learn, but worth it. It is a freeing experience when one can look at themselves from a different perspective.