Kelly A. Fallucca

My Art | Selected Acrylic Paintings

I am part of the collective group of people who refer to themselves as self-taught artists. I do not have an art degree or credentials, I use to not even consider myself an artist until my experience with Thyroid Cancer. In those dark days I remembered that I have always been a creator. Not just in art, but in cooking, relationship and in life. I just got too caught up in judging myself unnecessarily to actually let myself create anymore. Thankfully I found a workaround for that. In my early works, I signed my artwork by the nickname my family gave me, Kstar. The nickname became an alter ego of sorts. I don't judge Kstar as much as I judge myself. It was a great tool in freeing myself and working on my limiting beliefs. Today, to be honest, I still get self-conscious, but I am also proud of how far I have come as an artist. The fact that I even call myself an artist now is amazing to me, so, the next step for me is to start signing my works with my real name.

My style and medium are always evolving based on my inspirations. I learned in acrylic paints. Most of my work thus far is taking bold colors and creating dense, daring textures. My subject matter is mostly abstract, landscapes and nature. Nature is my happy place. The more I try new things, the more I realize I want to explore new mediums.

At this point in my art, what matters the most to me is authentic self-expression. Trying to not force something, but to let it develop. Yes, education is important. We should all be constantly striving to learn new things; however, the message I want to leave people with is don't wait until you are perfect to let your inspirations come alive on your canvases. Perfectionism is a horribly disabling affliction that many people suffer. In my experience when I try to make things perfect they are disastrous, but when I step outside of my judgmental, monkey mind, even for a few minutes, beautiful things develop. If I am lucky, sometimes my soul takes over and creates something with me that I could have never realized on my own.

Kelly A. Fallucca

A.K.A. - Kstar